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There is no option for zero stars food portion is beyond small for $12 I could have def home else where for better quality food. To bad pics can’t be posted here to show it.
If I could give this place NO STARS I would!!! I ordered Wonton soup along with a few other things and when I went to bite into my first Wonton I nearly almost choked due to a piece of plastic the size of a Half dollar stuffed inside of it with the meat!!! I call the restaurant and tell the girl on the phone what happened and she says. "Ok, sorry" and then silence. Wtf?!? Are you kidding me!?! No I'll tell the cooks, no, maybe we should check the rest of the wontons. Just absolutely NOTHING. Then she says "well what do you want? A refund for the wontons or a new order?" ARE YOU KIDDING????? NO I DONT WANT A NEW ORDER, WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT THAT???? AND HOW ABOUT A REFUND FOR MY ENTIRE ORDER!!!!!! Disgusting. MY CHILD WAS EATING WITH ME! EITHER ONE OF US COULD HAVE CHOKED ON THIS PLASTIC!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM HERE! And be sure I will report this to the Dept of Food & Safety as well!!
When ordering chicken lo mein, the charge comes up $0.00. Since you can't get the website straight, no order from my family. Fix it.